As sourcing specialists – we consistently achieve multiples of 2 to 2.5 times industry Net Profit in supermarkets. Core Asset offers a global network of credibility that secures the highest quality brands at the most efficient prices. Our network offers a complete understanding of global distribution and can deliver FCL or consolidated FCL offerings. We are not just a supply agent. We understand clients’ business and the key to profit success first hand.





Core Asset Management can deliver full FCL’s or consolidated containers. We understand the importance of varying product mix and spreading risk across product segments. Furthermore, our sourcing is strategic for best quality, price, and where possible, takes advantage of international trade agreements to access products with the lowest or nil duty payable.

Seasonal characteristics of global demand can impact supply. We are specialists in ensuring supply to balance Northern Hemisphere seasonal demands, which can create supply restraints, but also opportunities for our clients when demand is low. Our global expertise is unlimited with product from Asia, South America, Northern Hemisphere and Africa forming a part of our network.

Products Included:

  • Personal Care, Soaps, Wash, Lotions.
  • Baby Care – Shampoo, Wipes, Lotions.
  • Toiletries
  • Noodles
  • Branded Toothpaste
  • Energy Drinks
  • Coffee - Various formats
  • Chocolate, Drinks, Confectionary
  • Biscuits, crackers
  • Automotive lines
  • Aerosols
  • Laundry
  • Cleaners, Cleaning Agents
  • Pet Care


Simply we increase profit for clients. We achieve this through combining the expertise in global sourcing, international demand, global credibility with our unique ability to provide products that give you better margins. We have done this first hand for over 50 years in our own retail business and consistently achieve 2-2.5 times better gross margin for the clients of Core Asset Management.


As the world has gotten flatter and supply chains have gotten longer, the need for companies to follow best practices in global supply chain management has intensified. Core Asset Management has all the required expertise to source any product, from any part of the globe, at the lowest price. All we require to create value to you, our valued clients, is understand your existing business and product offering, and once we have jointly identified opportunities where we feel that significant margin can be added to your bottom line, we will work with you to create product specifications and commence a global search for the perfect product at the perfect price.


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