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Core Asset Management is a joint venture between the RB Patel Family and Jeff Roberts.
The business was set up to take advantage of over 50 years of importing, exporting, construction and retailing experience by the RB Patel Family and Jeff Roberts across
the globe.

We are focused on sourcing the best quality products, at the best price point, from anywhere around the globe to suit the need of our clients’ business and ours.

Given our publically listed retail chain in Fiji and dedication of over 50 years of visiting the supply centres of the world, we receive special pricing from global suppliers throughout the year. We are happy to pass on these highly competitive pricing, and excellent customer service, to companies looking to maximise their profitability and return on capital.

We have the resources, facilities and logistics network to ensure the right product is sourced and delivered on time, anywhere around the globe.

Although we are specialists in FMCG, we have successfully delivered product and service to a number of multinationals in non-related industries which have broadened the Core Asset offering.

We typically achieve pricing 25-50% better than the competition. You may be thinking; how can we achieve these results on global branded products? Well, it’s simple, we cut out the middleman, and pass on the best negotiated prices, which we receive for our own retailing chain, direct to you.

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Suite 12, 160 Broadway, Newmarket.

Auckland, New Zealand.



Office: 09 522 2953

Jeff: 021 198 8007


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